Xi ′an Superhii Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Superhii Co., Ltd. Is a leading provider of digital transformation solution for supermarkets in China. Superhii Co., Ltd. Create immersive shopping experience with smart shopping cart, bring customers technology and fashion while giving stores the same e-commerce data collection capabilities and real-time link capabilities, and really help retailers achieve digital transformation.

Our smart shopping cart can collect customers′ full process data, including characteristic information, shopping route, etc. Then build a full customer image and big data marketing model through data processing. We provide a complete set of SAAS service including member insight, precision marketing, smart loss prevention management, smart display management, etc, for supermarkets. We will transform the vast amount of undeveloped data into data assets, realizing effective customer interaction and link, then enhancing customer value. At the same time, we provide self-service settlement and accurate recommendation for customers. The stores will be more competitive, and we can increase value of every customer, increase customer flow and improve the space efficiency and human efficiency.

As the founder of the smart shopping cart manufacturer in China, We have not only completed the mass production and standardization deployment of smart shopping carts, but also completed overall strategic deployment and market channel construction. We opened up the overseas market, we also won the recognition and love of industry leaders, business partners and consumers.

Now, we have cooperated with dozens of supermarket brands such as Yorkbenimaru ( 7-11 Group, in Japan), Ole′, Wu Mart, Teemart, JD, etc. The cooperation area spans more than 10 regions including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi′an, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Tianjin, etc. We will also develop multiple product lines, dedicated to create a disruptive user experience and leading smart innovation of stores. We are committed to exploring in new retail area, as an industry leader, bringing better quality service and new technology experience to more retail industries.