Shanghai YS Locker LLC.

YS Locker LLC has been an industry leader when it comes to superior quality touch-screen, barcode, IC card, finger vein, mechanic, ABS and PVC lockers. With our 14 Year history, we focus on research, manufacturing, and sales. Our most recent venture has been the establishment of our U. S. Headquarters in Ontario, CA. With the mission being; Offering the highest quality at highly competitive prices. At YS Lockers, we stand behind our products are we′re dedicated to developing innovative products in our field and adding to our growing number of patentsWe are driven by a group of outstanding, creative and hard-working personnel. Combined, our research and development team have earned 3 pH. D. ′s, 2 Masters and 5 BA. We also have a talented team of sales and customer service representatives, who are equipped and eager to serve the needs of our customers. We strive to be the go-to manufacturers for intelligent self-service locker equipment in the World.